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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coming in 10 minutes before close!

Another HUGE pet peeve of mine is when I am trying to straighten the racks table and someone decides to come in the store 10 minutes for closing time. I will  politely tell them, "Just to let you know, we are closing in 10 minutes." This works for a few people, but those that do not listen are those that get on my nerves! We want to go home too, go see our families, get school done, run our errands before places close or even just get home to relax. You coming in the store right before I close, prolongs me from finishing cleaning and doing what I need to do so I can get home to my husband!

Here is another video of someones top 10 pet peeves! I think we all have some of the same and it simple to and to the point!

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